Lower Self vs. Higher Self

Balance is pretty key. The more my life is out of balance, the more I sit within in my lower self, that part of me that is fear based and loses faith, in myself, and in turn in others. If I maintain balance, I am aligned with my higher self, the part that is basically […]

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Redefining Spirituality

Redefining Spirituality By: Jason M.A. Walter (As written for and lol rejected by the LA Times Op-Ed section) I dislike the word spirituality. Though I would consider myself a spiritual person, the term spirituality is too often blurred with religion and as a result, much of the value of incorporating spirituality in our lives can […]

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Say Good Night Twenties…

Literally this is my last night in my twenties. Frak!!! Oh well, it’s unavoidable and the biggest conflict over it has been my own feeling towards it so I am going to take it in stride. 20 things I learned from my 20’s (in no particular order) that I’ll try to implement in better fashion […]

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a cool breeze accompanies the morning clouds that drape the mountains from the new sun it is the start of a fresh day and it feels wonderful!

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I know I am supposed to write.  I have literally seen the writing on the wall.  Throughout my life, family, friends, random strangers, psychics, and so on have told me to be a writer.  I put it off for a long time and then finally picked up the literary sword a few years ago.  While […]

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Death approaches with each new day I feel the coldness of its lips brush against my cheeks As I watch loved ones grow old See how their bodies wither Even though this physical death is only of this dimension And what lies within shall go on much further A fear of death still pervades And […]

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Blur, it’s mad in the membrane There must be choke stuff going on in the atmosphere I said Blurrrrrr, it’s crazy in the brain There must be alot of to process in the atmosphere

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