Spiritual Entanglement

At times, living this life seems more like being tangled up in a variety of challenges rather than lightly floating from the lotus flowers to the clouds of nirvana in enlightenment.

I have felt a deep range of emotion in the last few weeks due to the events of my life. A friend asked me yesterday, “what kind of karma do you have?” and all I could really do was muster a laugh.

Though I have felt caught up in the mix of mundane monotony. I still feel strongly about this experience of being as amazing. The different emotions are merely a part of this body that at times I have resented and at other times loved.

So long story short, I suppose you could say, I am just striving to stay afloat in the chaotic beauty of the ever unfolding unconscious and appreciate the range of what this experience gives me: good, bad, ugly, funny, weird, all lovely…

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Entanglement

  1. all lovely. I like it. Oh, how I miss my friend. šŸ™‚ Like your new layout. Refreshing. (seems to be my new favorite word!)


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