The Spinning Record

I recall lying in my bed as a child and looking at a baseball. I remember clearly stating that “life is like baseball, sometimes you hit one out, sometimes you strike out” to my cousin. He just laughed and has not let me live that one down.

Well today, probably two decades later minus some change, I am going to compare life to a spinning record. Life can be like a single with just your favorite song and instrumental on it. Or it can be like an entire album packed with songs you love and some that are just filler. Life can also suck, like much of the music of 90’s according to 80’s music fans (not me, I was down with rap in the 90’s = ).

Most albums are in-between. A little bit of this, a little bit of that to make money and possibly do a little more next time around (only thing in life there is no guarantee there is a next time around).

Sometimes though, you find that rare record. You know the one that is filled with an amazing play list and the b-side/bonus tracks are equally if not more stellar. It doesn’t take rocket science to feel the hit-ness of this type of record. It just is.

And that folks is why life is like a spinning record. So which record is your life playing these days?

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