The Weirdness

There are circumstances and events in life that spiritual types would lump into the “Is” and/or “the All” categories.  While I agree with that assessment on a deep level, for the average conscious experience, which fills the majority of our lives, these happenings are pretty weird.

As my 20’s draw to a close, I can now see how many strange experiences I have had that influenced my life.  There are things that have happened that are certainly not conversation starters (i.e. seeing the energy of a tree move, channeling, etc.).  There have also been some occurrences that are just truly unexplainable but seem to make sense in an odd sort of way as I watch the events of my life unfold.

The one thing that I’d really like to say about the weirdness of the life journey is this: everything works out.  I don’t know how or why but everything truly works itself out.  I spent a large amount of my 20’s stressed, worried, or angry about things beyond my control.  I have heard  people say “don’t worry” or “be happy” or (fill in the blank) in regards to stress.  I would try hard to apply that to my life but I still had this need to know or control the situations I encountered. Life can be a challenge and I remind myself to let go each day.

The only thing that has helped to alleviate this stress and frustration is that I try to remember to feel what I’m experiencing and trust that in some weird way it works out.  Feeling has been important because it helps to get my out of my mind and acknowledge my experience.  Trust is more than just blind faith.  It is an inner knowing that I am playing a part in something grander and I just have to keep taking one step at a time and live from moment to moment.

The only proof I can offer is this.  Think about a time in the past when the world felt like it was ending (lost love, bills, school, work, whatever).  Probably sucked and not in any way that was fun.  Now, think about how it passed (falling in love again, paying the bills, finding a new job, etc.).  Totally weird!  What about the times where that random hero popped up at just the right time to say just what you needed to hear.  Look at all of that and see how things just worked out.  Pretty crazy, huh?

Life can surely be unnerving but if you trust the weirdness and that it all works out, then it can truly be exhilarating.

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