Say Good Night Twenties…

Literally this is my last night in my twenties. Frak!!! Oh well, it’s unavoidable and the biggest conflict over it has been my own feeling towards it so I am going to take it in stride.

20 things I learned from my 20’s (in no particular order) that I’ll try to implement in better fashion in my 30’s (key word is try)

1. Slow down: There really isn’t a rush for anything. My clock isn’t the same as the Universe so no sense fret over that.

2. No Worry: I estimate that I worried about 7.5 years of time in my 20’s. The point of which I’m still trying to figure out because things worked out in some odd way every time. That and I never knew what was going to happen anyway so why worry in the first place? Just wasted time.

3. Be Kinder: To myself. And in turn to others.

4. Wake up in Love: It’s not cool going to sleep angry but at the very least let it go and wake up in love again. Much better feeling.

5. The Government is pretty dysfunctional: and so are most people. I’m going to spend my energy changing myself so that I’m not dysfunctional and that in turn will help to change society in some ways.

6. Don’t ignore the signs: Street signs, signs from the Universe, etc. They are placed in life for a reason…

7. Go with the flow or flow with the go: because resistance only creates strife in life.

8. The things that bother me the most about others: bother me because they are the things that bother me the most about myself. How’s that for a hard slap of reality?

9. Don’t do things for money: do it because it makes you feel good and you are passionate about it. Money comes to you from there.

10. Opposites attract: but probably because they have a middle ground somewhere otherwise it’d just be pure chaos 24/7.

11. Work to live: Living to work or for work makes life one-dimensional and pretty weak.

12. Take it one day at time: That’s all we really have. I spent my whole 20’s looking forward to the next thing and here I am at 30 thinking “Frak!” so yeah, one day at a time.

13. Jiu-Jitsu is spiritual and so can you!: Jiu-Jitsu helps me in my spiritual quest and yoga can help you or knitting or surfing or whatever. I know that doing something that fills you in that fashion will bring more harmony to your life.

14: There will be a movie greater than Avatar: I look at all the blockbusters of my life from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, etc. and they were always topped. Here’s to the next Avatar and the 18.50 we’ll pay in ticket prices by the time it comes out…

15. Be the best that only you can be: and all will be well in your world.

16. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, but there is healthier: We all have different perspectives about choices, actions, and lifestyles but it can almost be universally agreed that choices, actions, and lifestyles can be lived in a healthier fashion when possible.

17. All of us are Mike Tyson: he just had to live his life in front of the cameras.

18. One can be local: and global is the basically the same since we’re all local to the earth.

19. A smile can change someone’s life: I learned this at 19 and carried it through my 20’s.

20. There is magic in life: whether it’s psychic abilities or the magic of falling in love again and again, there is magic in life.

Mahalo ke Akua for this life and big shouts and hugs to all my homies out there for helping to make my life an interesting story.


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