Lower Self vs. Higher Self

Balance is pretty key. The more my life is out of balance, the more I sit within in my lower self, that part of me that is fear based and loses faith, in myself, and in turn in others.

If I maintain balance, I am aligned with my higher self, the part that is basically the soul, the part that is connected to God/the Source/the Divine Spark/the Universe.

It’s very hard work. But worth the effort and energy put towards it. At least it is in my opinion. Why? Well, drama just isn’t that fun unless it’s a movie or on TV and chaos isn’t my cup of tea either.

So each day is like a new match between my lower and higher self. In the past, it was like my first six-eight months as a white belt, the lower self beat out my higher self all the time. Now it’s reaching a place, kind of like where I’m at as a blue belt, while I still get caught, there is more consistency and learning the game of how to keep the balance.

A friend recently told me my Jiu-Jitsu game is like the tortoise, slowly and steadying improving. I definitely feel like the tortoise in this lower and higher self grappling match. Despite feeling behind at times, I just have to remember that the tortoise does win the race.

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