The Dark Side of the Ego

In case you lived on the dark side of the moon or was unable to watch Star Wars, the Dark Side is a a big component of the Force (the mysterious life energy) and it is the side that feeds off of fear, anger, and hate. With that, I find a deep inner struggle between […]

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the chords run deep throughout my being it feels as though they’ve latched on to much more than just an energy body the physical manifestation is telling lack of sleep, the lack of laughter the chords run deep they’ve become my veins my blood now filled with the haunted past one i’ve sought to let […]

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Nights Remixed

On those nights We wiped away our tears and drifted to sleep In each others arms… You remember those nights? Our love was so new, so incredible On these nights I wiped away so many of my own tears My eyes have long dried I remember that time Our love’s flame long past On those […]

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Darkness resides deep inside somewhere In there, or here… I fear it eludes me within such depths That only a dream here, or there… Brings to light that region of my subconscious. Fear not the darkness that lies within for one cannot embrace nor Appreciate illumination when it fills the entire being.

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In Loving Memory of Snacks

We lost our first ever hairless rat, Snacks, today. This is by far the saddest I have ever felt about losing a pet. No disrespect to my cat of 18 years growing up, but something about this rat… I found him on an interesting day in Kaneohe. I went there because I had a dream […]

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