In Loving Memory of Snacks

We lost our first ever hairless rat, Snacks, today. This is by far the saddest I have ever felt about losing a pet. No disrespect to my cat of 18 years growing up, but something about this rat…

I found him on an interesting day in Kaneohe. I went there because I had a dream that made me feel like I needed to go to Kaneohe. I had been putting off going to St. Ann’s Church, a place where I grew very angry with God, as a child, and it was time to make my peace.

Afterwards, I went to Windward Mall and stopped by Koolau Pets. Jessica and I had wanted a pet and it was hard to agree on what. She wanted a hairless cat (we’re both allergic to cats) and I wanted to get a dog, which she also wanted hairless.

I got Snacks as a surprise for Jessica because she also wanted a hairless rat, something that I never knew existed. She totally fell in love with him. I was slightly allergic to him at first but he totally grew on me.

He was the coolest pet ever. I have honestly often contemplated how I would like to have a pet rat for the rest of my life because of how much Snacks grew on me. They have relatively short life spans and I couldn’t fathom not having him around.

In addition to being so freaking amazing, Snacks had other roles that he played very well.

He was a father. We got our second rat, Naps, a fancy rat with hair, a few months after Snacks and together they created two litters of ratlings (actually called kittens for some reasons).

He was a fighter. He probably had the soul of a Jiu-Jitsu fighter because he submitted any and all of the young bucks who challenged him. He would just stiff arm or roll them over like it was no sweat.

He was enlightened. Snacks totally lived in the Now. He would cruise around, eat food, sleep, and urinate all over to mark his territory. He was truly identified with his purpose and lived his life fully.

We are going to miss you immensely Snacks. Thank you for coming into our lives and teaching us what you did. You are truly loved and will always be remembered.

“King” Snacks June 2009 – May 2010

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