Here’s to You, Harry

On April 22, 2010, I got to hang out with my Dad for a bit and my grandfather, Harry J. Walter. Known as “Budd” to many and “Dirty Harry” to others, my Grandfather was always “Old” to me. When I was still in small kid time, he used to call me “Young Buddy” and in […]

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I’ve searched for a poem To sum up how I feel Perhaps it is so that none exists For this event has never happened I’ve been through heartache I’ve lost loves But none quite like this So surreal, so true The mistakes I’ve made Are now the past Move on, move forward Is all that […]

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This Damn Ringing in My Ears

the ocean is closing in I hear the waves have heard them before they now are relentless I feel the pressure in my head it’s all caving in deep somewhere, I can feel the beat of my heart I sense a sharp, a dull, then sharp and dull pain the death that slowly crawls from […]

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what am i doing with my life? as Saturn has passed and the next return is far from now i find that i ask the same questions as before so where does that leave me? a bit further along down the river? with more knowledge? both? neither? i suppose only time shall tell if a […]

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