I’ve searched for a poem
To sum up how I feel
Perhaps it is so that none exists
For this event has never happened

I’ve been through heartache
I’ve lost loves
But none quite like this
So surreal, so true

The mistakes I’ve made
Are now the past
Move on, move forward
Is all that lasts

I loved intensely
I was truly human
I made many mistakes
But I always gave as much as I could

I’ll always be here for you
I’ll always love you
You cannot know
Not yet see
Probably don’t believe
Surely disagree
But it is true

I want the best for you
Won’t fight if you want to be free

The hole in my heart is filling
With more love, with best wishes
Because if I cannot make you happy
I will still send you a loving energy

Devastated, adrift, floating
I am gone
We are no more?
I never saw

Sad, so sad, 17 small eyes
I see but
Still glad, so glad
To have known the range of our journey

My hand still extends
If you will have it
And I will walk with you
In whatever capacity

I love You!
Thank You!
I hope the depth of which
You will one day feel.

You are the love of my life
Don’t know what else to say
No poem can do this justice



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