I find myself in Hilo, where I spent my formative years, at the start of an adventure and new chapter. The last chapter ended abruptly with a whole lot of loss. This loss has spurred a renewed faith in God and life. And no matter how much I am shocked, this is a journey that I meant to go on alone.

But first, a couple things about Hilo, Hawaii…

Where can you fall asleep to a tsunami (Hilo rains extensively) and wake up to the sun shining bright? Hilo and I’m sure I’ll find a few other places in the coming months.

Second, how cool is it that I can drive down Komohana Road along side a goat sauntering on the shoulder? Pretty cool and I bet I’ll see that more than once in my travels.

Point being, and this is something I know in my heart, I just can’t say I’ve experienced it in too many places and as a result stumble when I try to explain, life is really the same and pretty simple.

I met a monk a week and a half ago and he told me something similar. He told me: “You see this flower, it is the same as any other flower. You see my skin, your skin, it looks different but it is made of the same thing. Our blood is the same color.”

As I go down this path, I find that I am digging deeper in myself, sorting through the piles of things, and seeking something. Some would call it “soul work” and for lack of a better explanation that’s what I’m doing.

I cannot fully articulate it but I feel it. If anyone is anything like my now ex but new special bff, this vagueness is driving you crazy. Don’t worry, I’ll be able to tell you what I mean in a few months. There is something inside that I feel must be shared and I will find it.

Thank you Hilo for giving me many of the greatest things about me and for being the start of this new chapter in my life.

“Hilo is just a rainy old town and at night I listen to the rain… fall.”

Aloha ke Akua.

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