Appreciation, Accountability, A$$holes

It’s one thing when we do things so that others appreciate us. It’s another thing when we are able to do them and appreciate who we are. It’s yet another when we are able to appreciate what we are doing and still yet people fail to appreciate this life.

We are each so vastly unique, divine even, with the capability of changing the world. No one person is greater than another. We can say fate played a role in this or that but really if you think about it, choices played the main role and fate merely the assist. Howard Hughes could have chosen to invest differently. Johnny Cash could have chosen to not continue in music. Barack Obama could have chosen basketball over law.

Ultimately, we all choose this experience called life, how it unfolds, and what we choose to do within it. That’s the type of power we have. That’s how amazing we are.

I think it’s important that people start to realize this. Particularly those of us who are privileged. We pine over some really crazy shit when we could be out there making a difference. I’ll tell you what, I don’t need to see a dead baby in a dumpster in another country to realize that I have it lucky as an American. I don’t need to have my home destroyed in a natural disaster to realize that I am blessed even though I’m not a millionaire.

Which leads me to ask those of us who do have in this life, what have we done lately to try and make the life of another better? What have we done to strive to love unconditionally?

And if we have, how often have we stopped because it didn’t have the outcome we desired? How often have we pressed on to keep doing good for others because it was necessary regardless if they could appreciate it at the time or not?

I have fallen terribly short of serving others in a loving fashion many, many times and am as guilty of this as everyone else. But I am alot better at choosing to continue giving as fully as I can and trying to help as much as I can than most other people. People say I have a big heart. No, I’m just choosing to be loving as best as I can and choosing to try to help myself better so I can better serve others. We all have the same tools within us so it’s a cop out to say bigger heart or not. It’s a choice to be shitty (not that there aren’t reasons playing into that but still once those reasons are known, continued shittiness is an unhealthy choice).

In my opinion, people need to start being more accountable and not just talk because like it or not, we as powerful creatures, with the potential to create and destroy in the ways that we have, must be accountable in making this world a better place to live.

We fail to give our best more often than not. We fail to appreciate the moments we have. We fail yet we still have a chance to do something about that. We don’t have to keep sustaining the suffering of ourselves and others.

What am I saying? Why? To me it’s the same and has always been: Live and love life fully. Doesn’t matter what you choose to do because so long as this a core component of that, I guarantee the choices will be beneficially individually and collectively. If you live and love life fully, you appreciate being alive, you love others unconditionally though they kick you or don’t respect your gifts, you take care of this life because you know it’s all too short and wasting a moment not living in a healthy fashion is one foot closer to the end, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

And really, it shouldn’t take one part of us to die in order to live life a little better. Mistakes will be made but it really doesn’t have to be hitting our head against the wall is the only way to live. I learned the hard way. How will you learn?

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