Some thoughts on Nola

  Man!  Nola is grabbing at my heart strings.  They say you leave a piece of your heart here.  The vibe calls, no simpler way to put it.  Nola is such a balance of death and rebirth.  She truly is a phoenix.  But my journey must go on. I’ve had some powerful spiritual experiences here, […]

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You asked me Why I don’t get it You told me It wasn’t right. How can something that was sacred Be wrong? Circumstances change As do people But that’s life Peaks and valleys. Funny that you taught me that Yet you are the one who left I tell you one thing You still are sacred […]

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Further Down the Rabbit Hole

So the fantastic voyage continues to show me more and more each day. I realize it’s only been a few weeks but time has slowed down since I have no place to call home, no physical place at least, and nothing back to go back to really because I do not know what will happen. […]

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But Still I stand

Tengo un corazon roto I am filled with love I feel alive but still Tengo un corazon roto I do not understand why it went down this way No light at the end of the tunnel Can make sense right now Because I’m here not there Tengo un corazon roto I don’t feel loved I […]

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