Oh when the Saints, go marching in…

I woke up at 0400 after having a dream about being very excited to be going to New Orleans.  I’ve been logging the dreams for some time and Joseph Campbell puts it out there that when you go on a trip, you bring the whole psyche along for a ride. 

An entry in my journal before leaving Hawaii:

“I had a dream where I am with my pack and I see a woman with a suitcase, a couple other people, and a child with a bear.  It would appear that all the characters of my unconscious will be bringing their baggage along for the ride…”

I had a few notes after about this dream but I remember getting the distinct feeling I was going to be headed to New Orleans.  While in New York, I was still out to pasture as to whether I should go there or not.  In Seattle, I’d found a place that felt like a new home and saw that I was whole alone, in New York, I understood why I wanted a shared experience more fully and that I was really alot more like Jessica than I’d realized, and from both had seen deeply into who I am and why that is.  Needless to say, I felt a desire to head west already.

Well rather than be all heady, I put it out there to whether or not I should good to New Orleans.  The next day, I’m in the subway and I meet a woman who tells me about her son who is volunteering down there.  She says it’d be great for me to feel that energy.  BTDub- his name is Jason…

I have friends who tell me I look to deeply into things.  I have other guides who have told me that I should be here or there at this point in my life.  One of the biggest things that I have learned on this unknown road, is that I have to figure it out for myself.  Whenever we embark down our path, a path that our heart leads us on, it has never been done before so we have to learn to read those signs and follow our own intuition. 

I’ve made many mistakes in my life, the decisions on this trip, not so because I’m paying attention to the dreams, the signs, and listening to that simple voice in my heart.  Here in Georgia, I learned how important it is to couple love with understanding.  I’m not saying that means my love will be reconciled but I realized that as much as one can love fully, understanding is such a necessary piece to the puzzle. 

I used to think because of a vision I had that I knew.  Well life shook it up because I thought I knew.  I have no idea what comes next but every step of the way, I was reminded to have hope.  And I guess all of this helps in making me believe.  In what remains to be seen but this is where I am as I head off to NOLA.


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