Some thoughts on Nola

  Man!  Nola is grabbing at my heart strings.  They say you leave a piece of your heart here.  The vibe calls, no simpler way to put it.  Nola is such a balance of death and rebirth.  She truly is a phoenix.  But my journey must go on.

I’ve had some powerful spiritual experiences here, taking on a rebirth of my own.  My understanding of the energies that surround/impact us in life seems to be growing.  Perhaps because I am in a constant state of IDK WT… Eff is going on, so I pay more attention. 

The people, the culture, the accents, the music, even the brown of the Mississippi are all beautiful.  There really is a justice to seeing and experiencing things with your own being. 

Each stop of this trip shows me more: Seattle- I am whole and beautiful, New York City- why I value what I do, Georgia- I can overcome my demons and to have hope, and Nola, oh sweet Nola- rebirth.

Well, hope it’s all g double o d good.  Give my love to the boys. 

Have a good one.

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Nola

  1. that’s funny you say that. i did but i’ve lost 10lbs on this trip. in Nola, it was freaking hot so i got some walking shorts and went down two sizes. so the answer is yes i did, but i dont think i will. cheers.


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