“Peace is Every Step”

I first read the book Peace is Every Step at 23.  The concept is to use breathing and smiling as a way to become more mindful in life.  I tasted that peace the first time I tried it but could never sustain it.  Over the years, I kept thinking I had arrived as I made sense […]

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Thank you For All that you are For showing me the Sacred How it exists in All of life In creatures both big and small I have searched my whole life for this eternal peace I thank you For it was in your reflection That I could finally see the Sacred lies within Me

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I don’t know a thing about what’s going to happen and the inner control freak is finally at peace with that.  I’m intuitive and pretty good at reading signs but in the unconscious arrogance that I lived, I wasn’t in the moment very much.  As a result, it led to some events unfolding in order to wake me up.  The Hindus […]

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Crunch crunch crunch

Crunch. Crunch… CRUNCH!!! The sound of the leaves beneath my feet. I used to despise leaves as kid, My chore to pick them up. But out here amidst fall: they are like drums, guitar strings, sirens, anything and everything to make music With my Feet!

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One of my favorite things to do is watch trees.  True story- I once saw the energy of a tree vibrate. Quite a scary experience as I thought I was going crazy but I guess it was the Sacred telling me that it was alive in all things. In following the dreams, I find myself […]

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