I am a Lion

I am a Lion
King of the Jungle
I am Love
that which drives all things

I am a Lion that is of Love
sent from Above
here to rip open our collective unconscious
to shine some Light

It might take time
but so long as there is breath
in this body of mine
Time I have

I see our Goodness
as a messenger
I believe the light only spreads
because of that Goodness

Oh my goodness?
Your goodness!
Let’s do

And shed some light
won’t be long
before we
balance the dark night

That’s kept us in slumber
No longer struggle, we will limber
Up to conscious elevation
Holistic integration

I am a Lion!
the ego hears me roar
a voice of the Spirit
sent for all who will hear it

We rise my brothers, my sisters
we ascend,
for we are the
Children of the Light

Oh Believe!
Yes we can
In a whole new way…

An Ode to Green Tea

I like Green Tea

Cause I like the color green

And I enjoy tea

Iced is the best

I enjoy the rest of the tea family

but nothing like good ole green tea

Thank You for Breaking My Heart

Had I known you’d break my heart

and it would lead to a better me

I’d have cut to the chase and

Asked for it much sooner

As much as I have missed you

I’ve found a newer, more exciting me

A kinder, gentler me

A more compassionate me

Thank you for breaking my heart open

Because it broke my walls

to really Love

and be the True Me

In Love

I’m in love


w/God whose name is


Loving that Sacred has shown me that I can

Appreciate all

of this life

The Whole Journey


Somewhere on the floor where my dignity lies, I see the pieces of my broken Heart

I’m gathering them up, piece by piece, God’s Love filling me up, yet at times, though it’s hard to stand up I Always…

Each day I try to honor what we shared, yet I cannot lie, tears…

Still fall this way, and that for I still and will Love


Lil JB Sized Hole

There’s a hole in my heart

It’s Lil JB sized

For being lil, it hurts… alot

I am learning to fill this hole with




Thank You God for believing in me enough to challenge me so greatly


Dear God:

I pray that you help me to understand the lessons that are unfolding in my life at this time.  I ask that you keep her safe as well and I ask that your light and peace fill her heart.

I ask that you continue to speak to me through the Spirit.  I’m trying Father.  I know I’m far from perfect but I believe that you are guiding me and I submit to your will.

Thank you for blessing me and believing in me.  There have been so many challenges this year, so much loss to sort through, but I keep finding your Love more and more each day.

Mahalo ke Akua.