Yes, We STILL Can

“We’re not bad.  We’re wounded.  And our wounds are our opportunities to heal.” ~ Marianne Williamson

I used to write what I thought was political commentary but I scrapped that along with alot of posts a few months back and now I realize why I did that.  I scrapped it because I wasn’t contributing to the positive in how I was looking at it. 

Today this message resonates even further within me and this is how I’m looking at it: “Yes we can.”

Our country, our state of Hawaii, is not in bad shape.  Maybe things aren’t as maikai (good) as some people would like but instead dwell on negativity I think this is an opportunity…

From now on every time I hear something that is based on fear about the economy, unemployment rates, whatever it is that strikes a chord, I’m going to look at it as an opportunity to imagine a healthier world.  And as a reminder that “Yes we Still can.”

To our President, I know was critical at times in the past, I’m not going to make any excuses as I did vote for you, but you know what, my fellow keiki o ka aina, Brah, we got this

Maybe not this year.  Maybe not in 2012.  Maybe not in 2020.  I don’t know when nor will I concern myself with the future much.  I’m just putting my commitment out there, that from today and for the rest of my days, “Yes we can.”  and I promise to send you light every day and I’ll be sending light to people I would have called douches here in office in Hawaii too because enough dark energy has been sent towards the political realm.

It’s going to be a brighter day and that starts now.  It’s time turn off the snooze button and see the beauty of life in general and specifically what capacity for awesomeness that we have, America.   Despite the challenges of recent years, ours is a country that was built on overcoming adversity and served as a beacon of light for people hoping for a better life from around the world.  Yes, we made mistakes along the way but you don’t become a great baker without breaking a few eggs.

We got this people.  I have faith in the light, in the Love, that is within each of us.  “Yes we can.”

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