My Sweet Hilo Rain

The Rain of Hilo
I shall never forget
It soothes, it drenches
It Blesses
It has allowed
Me to

Gratitude to you
My Sweet Hilo Rain
You’ve been there all along
Shown me the truth has no pain
My family bids you farewell
And I say
Gratitude to you
My Sweet Hilo Rain

third eye’s a buzzing

So I thought I’d write a blog.

Enlightenment is attainable.  If all it is recognition of a single moment of clarity then it is something each person has experienced at some point.  It’s that time when you’re watching a sunset and the mind is blank for a moment.  It’s that satisfaction of going deeper in a yoga pose.  It’s simply presence.

As for the other stuff, well I can only speak on my experience.  I don’t know if all people have visions and I realize the insanity of following and honoring dreams and see how that might not work for all people.  Whatever comes along in our paths that allow us to be in the Here and Now, to know Presence, then that’s all that matters I suppose.

There are many sacred paths to that place.  Sri Ramakrishna was an Indian mystic who tried Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.  He found that they all led to God.  In my experience of Buddhist meditation groups and prayer in a Catholic church, as well as alone in my travels across the country and back home, I experienced my own version of that.

I believe the Christ and Buddha Consciousness are one in the same and both are viable ways to connect with God.  If we were to look at it as energy, then when each historical figure hit that place, that energy is still available for anyone who wishes to connect in such a way.

The reason my third eye is buzzing though is this: nothing matters because separation is but a veil and all of that is already there, God Consciousness, the Here and Now, Presence, etc.  Everything is inside and what is outside is merely just more of what’s inside. That thing that pisses me off in the dude in line in front of me is my own shadow.  That thing about that cute kid that is so energetic is the same thing inside of me.

It’s a simple concept yet the ego is the veil, perhaps afraid of losing it’s sense of individuality.  I don’t know because I haven’t lost mine nor do I know if I ever will.

I’m pretty stoked on the experiences of Presence that I do have and finding a way to interact spiritually with life that fills me and works for me.  I guess that’s all that matters and if I ever attain permanent enlightening in this life or a million more to come oh well, I’ll deal with that when I am aware fully of living in the Here and Now.

My Best Attempt at Hendrix

This is the rawest poem I ever wrote. As I read it, I hear it like a melody.

I was staying at the India House Hostel in New Orleans and this flowed the day before my powerful experience of connecting with the Christ/Buddha Consciousness, which has since altered my trip just a bit ; )

Alot of energy and feelings came out with this which is why I share it months removed.

This was born as a live band was playing and I was feeling the music and this dude who was painting a mural said to me: “If you are good at expression, just put your mind to it and it will come out.”

So I did:

The tears
I fight them
Can’t let it
Get to me

But this time
It’s not even
My mind

No, not this time do the
Broken fragments of my psyche
Let me Crack
Not this time

Oh no, this time
It’s the tears of the heart
A feeling so deep, so
Something I never put into words.

No this is that pain
That deep pain of years of hurt
Built up, welling up, it’s fed up.
My heart is dying, not dying it’s death
But Dying to Say: WAKE UP!!!

If I can wake from this recurring nightmare then
Maybe I can kiss you
My Sleeping Beauty
And slay that dragon that haunts you too

I know your pain
Though you never put it into words
I know your pain
Though you’ve tried to hide

I know your pain because I understand
That which plagues us all
I know your pain, it’s my pain too

Though you’re long gone and I’ve not heard a thing
I know your pain because

I want to share all things with you
The good, the bad
The happy, the sad
All the seasons and their families

I’ll share it all
With You,
With You.

Not only share, heal, and care
Allow us to grow
Baby, that’s how much
I love You

That’s how much…
I love You so much
I want to know all
There is
To You

Note: Wow, as I read it, I hear the melody so it makes sense but this will probably make sense to no one else. Oh well. Tee hee! Stay tuned for the Dark Bootleg Cut to this track.

Choose Your Vibration

It hit me in conversation with my friend Jay “Favorite” Adair: I can choose my vibration.

I awoke to some texts from the Soul Samurai to give him a call. I took the dog for a walk, returned home, the Flow told me to meditate, meditated, then called Mr. Samurai.

I could hear the energy in his voice and all of a sudden I started getting really excited. He was kind of out of the Flow and I felt like by elevating my vibration it might impact him.

I’d go through the day and get my 4th tattoo (from 202 in Hilo which adds to 4, some numerology for y’all) from a line in Isaiah. This line spoke to me because it had to do with Light and experiencing peace.

I’d once given up on peace but a convo about Star Trek with an Inspiration in my life rekindled that. In the last few months, I’ve been on my journey to “God’s Mountain” by trusting the Flow and in the process have experienced a growing sense of peace throughout my days.

My energy was pretty high for the day and anyway, at the end of the night, it hit me. I can choose my vibration. For so long, I played songs with lines like “I’m not good enough.” or “I don’t deserve her.” or “I am not love.” and I’ve chosen to eject those tapes and pay attention to a new soundtrack.

In the process, it’s brought me quite far and to the first realization of a very important Creator-type thought I long ago had: I can choose my vibration, my feeling, my energy.

Thank you to the Light for this new illumination.

Peace within Romies!

Osho – New Vision

Thoughts are reflections.  A cloudy vision makes it’s hard to see the beauty…

I used to dwell in darkness quite often. As a result, my world reflected that. My only real respite occurred when I had a concussion where I was able to sit in my Higher Self and life was pretty magical.  I fell in love, it was pure and real and sacred to me.  Then as Eckhart Tolle calls it, the pain body kicked in, because I regained my ego sense.

I projected my darkness onto the relationship, onto others, onto the world, as I’d always done.  The world I lived in was mired in dark clouds, heavy fog.  Funny that things were clearer when I had a concussion.

Anyway, it’s amazing how great pain sharpens and softens all the same because today, I scamper around in the light and life is now magical.  When dark arises, I don’t suppress it, I merely watch and say stop, I might even laugh, because I know it’s not me.  If there’s an emotion, I ride that fully, ask it how I can love more deeply and it opens me even further to the Light that is my Truth.

I’ve found a way to stay in the flow versus resist. I have seen how I can manifest almost instantaneously. I’ve even taught that to a friend and he’s leaped beyond me in the manifestation process.  Quite amazing.

As cool as all of this is, I have a confession to make.  I’m like the Hitch of the Flow, got this great thing but not quite practicing it all the time. Which on the one hand, I don’t mind because Will Smith was like my TV big brother growing up. Nah, joke.

On the real, each day, I grow closer and closer to the rubberband snapping and being all in.  Not because I’m afraid.  Not because it’s an extreme.  It’s just me.  This is who I was born in this life to be.  I was not born to be crawl in the dark, I was born to fly because my essence is Light.  Each day gives me more confidence, more belief in that Light, within.

I’ve a new vision for life.  I always had it and it’s scary how much sense it makes, how magical/crazy I feel.  You might think me mad.  I don’t care and I’m done worrying about how others live.

Jessica once told me, “It’s like you have this new you, but are looking at the old way of operating.”  She was right.  Well, I’m through with that.  The last time I spoke to her she said there were things that still made her mad.  I don’t know what that is and I can’t speculate on the feelings or process of another.  Regardless I was mad at myself.  Mad for trying to fit in this societal thing I never found peace in, for falling back on my old ways when I’ve had a new vision to live all along.

LMAO.  It was there all along.  Just like the treasure beneath the tree in Spain that Santiago found, in my inner home, it was there all along.

“And just when the caterpillar thought it was dying, a butterfly emerged.”


When I gaze upon anything these days
I feel the love I have for you
You freed me!
Liberation of the heart
Of my being
Funny how when sharpened
We can also soften
Thanks for everything
I pray you one day find the same
Within, with who ever
I’ll always appreciate
The one who freed me
From captivity
To be the Lion
I was always meant to be

cartwheels in the rain
they erase any pain
i feel within
because it’s spontaneously freeing
to be spinning
in the rain
i ‘spose it’s like
in those drops
that we call rain
tee hee