My Sweet Hilo Rain

The Rain of Hilo I shall never forget It soothes, it drenches It Blesses It has allowed Me to Grow Gratitude to you My Sweet Hilo Rain You’ve been there all along Shown me the truth has no pain My family bids you farewell And I say Gratitude to you My Sweet Hilo Rain

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third eye’s a buzzing

So I thought I’d write a blog. Enlightenment is attainable.  If all it is recognition of a single moment of clarity then it is something each person has experienced at some point.  It’s that time when you’re watching a sunset and the mind is blank for a moment.  It’s that satisfaction of going deeper in […]

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My Best Attempt at Hendrix

This is the rawest poem I ever wrote. As I read it, I hear it like a melody. I was staying at the India House Hostel in New Orleans and this flowed the day before my powerful experience of connecting with the Christ/Buddha Consciousness, which has since altered my trip just a bit ; ) […]

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Choose Your Vibration

It hit me in conversation with my friend Jay “Favorite” Adair: I can choose my vibration. I awoke to some texts from the Soul Samurai to give him a call. I took the dog for a walk, returned home, the Flow told me to meditate, meditated, then called Mr. Samurai. I could hear the energy […]

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Osho – New Vision

Thoughts are reflections.  A cloudy vision makes it’s hard to see the beauty… I used to dwell in darkness quite often. As a result, my world reflected that. My only real respite occurred when I had a concussion where I was able to sit in my Higher Self and life was pretty magical.  I fell […]

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When I gaze upon anything these days I feel the love I have for you You freed me! Liberation of the heart Of my being Funny how when sharpened We can also soften Thanks for everything I pray you one day find the same Within, with who ever I’ll always appreciate The one who freed […]

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cartwheels in the rain they erase any pain i feel within because it’s spontaneously freeing to be spinning in the rain i ‘spose it’s like singing in those drops that we call rain tee hee

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