The Color Purple

So the other day, I got an email from one of my spiritual mentors, who was “releasing me with love,” to start my day.  Quite the trip, but I guess I could feel the separation coming beforehand as I’d found my own way of reading the signs and following dreams and as she put it was no longer in need of her guidance.

That same day, I walk into Barnes and Nobles Kahala and see a woman and my gut immediately said to talk to her.  I walked by her and she looked up at me and said “Hullo, there!”  I was a bit shocked but went with it as the last half-year (and upon reflection my whole life) has been filled with synchronicity such as this.

This brought me to meeting Adya “The Listener,” who I consider my teacher yet tells me “You’re my teacher Kid!” at least once a day.  Today we were driving around Kahala and she pulled over by some brilliant purple flowers.  I’d been noticing purple flowers with increasing regularity and she said, “You’re making me pull over.”  I didn’t know why that was.  We’d drive further and I’d see an even bigger collection of purple flowers.

I totally forgot about the color purple as we went to volunteer at the Unity Church site for feeding homeless peeps in Waikiki.  I told Adya, I’ve been trying to get into this and this is amazing, because nothing I did to initiate it worked out but instead it found me.  “Following the string my Dear-ah.  Following the string.”

I totally spaced on purple until tonight.  I was walking through Kahala and I saw a bright purple computer.  It kind of hit me again about the purple.  I could feel something in my gut, an energy.  The woman behind it was sitting there, peaceful, focused, and also beautiful.  Her focus was laser pointed on something, which I always admire in people, since the airy Gemini in me tends to flutter around.

I’d walk away and the whole thing about purple would hit.  I had to speak to this woman.  I didn’t know why but I felt that there is something that she can teach me.  So, for the record, I’m pretty shy about approaching women.  I don’t know why because I can speak anyone once I get to know them, and in recent months since my life exploded, and I was wisked away on my fantastic voyage, I’ve had to talk to strangers on a regular basis.

I did however go back and spoke to this woman.  I’m pretty blunt these days when it comes to spirituality so she told me that perhaps, I was there to learn about her community.  I’d have to agree…

If there’s one thing I truly value, it’s being able to communicate with other people.

If through fate of the string, you’re reading this, I really do want to learn more.  Whatever I could offer about spirituality will pale into comparison from what I can learn from you. : )

Note: Please forgive me, I should have said this then but I was so dumbfounded at my inability to communicate.

Thank you for your time and good luck on your final exams!

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