Going with the Flow

So today saw me going with the flow most effortlessly.  My teacher/guide Adya, who is preparing for the next phase in my journey, told me to: think easy and effortlessly, easy and effortlessly when manifesting.

I found myself being told to sit on a bench where I saw one of my former Muay Thai training partners.  We spoke for awhile and it was very nice to reconnect with him.  I found this interesting as last night I was reminded of a calling to a Thai Buddhist Monastery Abhayagiri (Fearless Mountain) in addition to teaching me that I have much more to learn in order to be able to connect with all people.

Adya spoke to me at length of her own journey and how it took her to all these different places where her past lives had taken place.  The importance of going to these different places is that they truly “free” one from the illusion and trapping of this body.  As much as this body is where the soul is it, it is also a part of the endlessness that is the Universal Oneness.

She reminded me to be present and let go as it happens.  I had some experience with that on my trip and get to practice it even more these days it seems.  I find myself in Starbucks, falling asleep in a chair when I see I have a missed call from Steven Saito.  I’d been feeling like I was to talk to him recently and we normally run into each other when we do, but for some reason, this was urgent.

Steven teaches Martial Arts and is an MMA fighter himself.  Earlier in the day, I met the mother of one of his students.  As I reflect upon it, I was “following the thread” as Adya so eloquently put it.

I am finally starting to grasp what it means to live in the present.  Just have to pay attention to the clues, don’t worry, and start following the string.

As I spoke to Steven, I channeled what I was supposed to talk to him about.  I felt strongly we were to talk but I had no idea about what.  It came to me that he should try to go on The Ultimate Fighter since the UFC just ate WEC and now has a 145 lb. weight class.  He paused and said that there is talk of him maybe going on the show.  I then told him even if he has to fight at 170 lb. he should do it.  He looked at me funny kine and said he had been thinking the same thing and talking about it with his training/business partner.

Now, I share this all because the string leads us where it does.  I don’t know why and I’m told why or how are unimportant.  But there’s a purpose to it all.  And if all it is, is an opening of the heart, than golly gee willickers I think that’s pretty worth it.

Or could it be making someone’s day and they inspire you to learn something new.  I don’t know because I’m not you but man, I went from no faith, to thinking I knew, to wanting to believe, to faith, to this place of tranquility.  Now, I’m not all zen and  I’m still being taken by my journey but at this step I’m just sharing where I’m at because I love You all.  I really do.

And thank you.

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