Just a thought for today

Thank you for another miracle of a day.  I’ve let my hair down (figuratively as my hair is quite short) and the flow takes me where it will.  I’ve nothing crazy to blog about today, just a thought and that’s this: choices are important.

A psychic told me that we aren’t directed by life, we are guided, and there is a difference.  When we are guided it allows us the choice.  In light of everything, she said her guides were guiding her to tell me well done.

Another teacher once told me, I hear of alot of emotional turmoil due to some events in your life, I know it sucks to hear but I say good job, it means you’re growing.

I am.  I can actually admit that and feel a sense of satisfaction.  I feel my own validation in the smile that comes from my heart these days.  I feel the difference in my being and it’s amazing to run into people who saw me in different phases and observe how they now interact with me.

Alls I have to say is each year gets better and better, and I grow and grow.  I used to believe that we could fly.  I tabled that until I met Jessica and she inspired me in a talk about Star Trek of all things, and that got me starting to believe in people and certain feelings I buried.  Well, at the way I’ve changed over the years, I wouldn’t be surprised to figuratively start flying one of these days.  It certainly isn’t out of reach it seems.  Makes sense why Jonathan Seagull speaks to me every so often.  😉

You all have a cheerio type of day and Aloha!

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