Writing is a Trip

I’ve filled two and half journals in the last three months. Not to mention all the stuff/crap/wisdom that comes pouring out on this site. I’ve given up to the journey and realizing that it is taking me.

I realized today that I answered that statement that I set out when I was 26.5 years old. I remember quite clearly saying: “I’m going to live my dream, whatever that is.” More of a question at the time really.

In the last few years, I’ve gone from overweight and eczema riddled to in good shape with smooth skin. That’s just the physical, my mental, emotional, spiritual, the holistic being is getting better, stronger each day.

I can’t say it’s the acceleration of the writing that’s doing it. It is a large part of it and I see now that I am in the process of actualizing a few things that I’ve always wanted to do.

1. Home base in Hawaii, travel all-over. Took a seven week “metaphorical 40 days in the desert” trip earlier with an 11 day closing that up to come within a month.

2. Be a writer. I’ve written the basis of my first book and am now in the editing/adding whatever else happens from now until the end of those 11 days.

3. I have an excitingly crazy life in which I meet light-filled people each and every day.

4. I’m actually helping people by being me, which is this spiritually mad person (or madly spiritual person, whatever, tee hee).

Regardless of 1 and 2, I have to say numbers 3 and 4 is the most delicious of all. I see how 1, helped to pry open and let out what’s in the heart, 2 is putting it all together, and well 3, three is just the place to Be or of Being.  From there, it makes 4 actually work.  A woman told me yesterday, “I am so glad that I met you.” all because I was “listening” to the message and it said to go to Cuba.  The conversation went a little further but yeah, long story short, Number 3 allowed 4.

Thank you to each and every person who has entered and exited my life. From the little girl who melted my heart with love at 19 when I was mad at the world, to the woman who broke my heart wide open earlier this year, to every single entity out there.

I’m so in love with this life.  I feel so much love for this experience.  There will be challenges, the dark is out there but damn if I don’t enjoy the light, and if I sure do enjoy shining light!

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