Presence and Peaceful Energy and Pennies

Years ago, I always thought happiness was career, relationship, health, etc.  While those are all great and I’ve had some wonderful experiences, it’s only in truly allowing myself to be the spiritual person that I am, that I have been able to sustain of a consistent level of calm and peacefulness, something I never had when focusing on all of those things.  Russel Simmons calls it the “Do You” law of success.

I’m not Jesus or Buddha mind you, but I feel pretty wonderful most times these days. I used to feel so dead inside.  Even some of my best memories were followed by that dead feeling.  It was like the loves, the going out to do stuff, the jobs, the whatever filled the void for just a moment, was only an escape.

I think it has to do with energy and what I send out.  It’s like there’s a vibration to operate from.  In applying the “Doing You” law, I’m able to be at peace because that’s who I am and I am no longer afraid of that.

I now notice when my vibration is high because the people I encounter always seem to smile (which could be because I’m smiling a great deal more I’m told) and things seem to work out divinely. Like, I just follow my inner compass and it leads me to the places, the people, and the so on that add to the peace.

Today my inner Voice told me to speak with a man sitting next to me.  I breathed a slight sigh of relief in that alot of times it tells me to talk to women and my ego kind of freaks out at those times.  I love women and have met some interesting people in general but in the past was not fond of approaching random people I didn’t know and certainly didn’t want to give off the creeper vibe.

I’ve realized, it’s those negative, fear based thoughts that give off those vibes in the first place.  On an energetic level, we can feel when we aren’t loved, when people aren’t present, when people have ill-intentions.  And, you know what, we never know how we impact others because who knows what anyone else is thinking.

I noticed when I take a deep breath and embody presence, when I allow my peace to reside, it’s as though I send a loving energy and the experience unfolds organically, without planning, without whatever.

I was with my guide, Adya, the other day and we saw a young woman who my inner Voice said to tell her she was a hard worker.  I’d notice how hard she worked and I can value that.  I’ve worked in many jobs where people just did enough to not get fired and I’d bust ass so we could finish early or whatever.  So I told this woman that.  Adya sees her and starts talking to her.  She kind of tripped out until she saw me and said that made her day because she felt like nobody noticed.

My ego started to kick the story of “Oh shit.  This is embarrassing.” but it was weird because I didn’t feel the fear I’d have felt in the past.  And then she said she was stoked at that and shoot, it worked out in its own weird way.

So anyway, I start talking to this guy and he was a riot, quite facetious and playful.  I opted for “I’m thinking career change right now and just wondering what people do?” instead of my usual “excuse me, I’m a spiritual person and well, something tells me to talk with you.”

We had a fascinating conversation which is going into the book that I am writing but here is the pearl I’d like to post.  He said when it comes to love and being loving that it’s easy to love a $20 bill more than a penny.  The same goes for people he said.

“While the $20 bills are great and easy to love, there are far more pennies and I think God would want us to love them just as much.”

It was an interesting conversation and I must say Mahalo nui to you Rob.  Good luck making synthetic body parts in your basement.  Wink.

Yeah, this was blog was total randomness but like MC Yogi said: Give your love away and it comes back another day.


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