Osho – New Vision

Thoughts are reflections.  A cloudy vision makes it’s hard to see the beauty…

I used to dwell in darkness quite often. As a result, my world reflected that. My only real respite occurred when I had a concussion where I was able to sit in my Higher Self and life was pretty magical.  I fell in love, it was pure and real and sacred to me.  Then as Eckhart Tolle calls it, the pain body kicked in, because I regained my ego sense.

I projected my darkness onto the relationship, onto others, onto the world, as I’d always done.  The world I lived in was mired in dark clouds, heavy fog.  Funny that things were clearer when I had a concussion.

Anyway, it’s amazing how great pain sharpens and softens all the same because today, I scamper around in the light and life is now magical.  When dark arises, I don’t suppress it, I merely watch and say stop, I might even laugh, because I know it’s not me.  If there’s an emotion, I ride that fully, ask it how I can love more deeply and it opens me even further to the Light that is my Truth.

I’ve found a way to stay in the flow versus resist. I have seen how I can manifest almost instantaneously. I’ve even taught that to a friend and he’s leaped beyond me in the manifestation process.  Quite amazing.

As cool as all of this is, I have a confession to make.  I’m like the Hitch of the Flow, got this great thing but not quite practicing it all the time. Which on the one hand, I don’t mind because Will Smith was like my TV big brother growing up. Nah, joke.

On the real, each day, I grow closer and closer to the rubberband snapping and being all in.  Not because I’m afraid.  Not because it’s an extreme.  It’s just me.  This is who I was born in this life to be.  I was not born to be crawl in the dark, I was born to fly because my essence is Light.  Each day gives me more confidence, more belief in that Light, within.

I’ve a new vision for life.  I always had it and it’s scary how much sense it makes, how magical/crazy I feel.  You might think me mad.  I don’t care and I’m done worrying about how others live.

Jessica once told me, “It’s like you have this new you, but are looking at the old way of operating.”  She was right.  Well, I’m through with that.  The last time I spoke to her she said there were things that still made her mad.  I don’t know what that is and I can’t speculate on the feelings or process of another.  Regardless I was mad at myself.  Mad for trying to fit in this societal thing I never found peace in, for falling back on my old ways when I’ve had a new vision to live all along.

LMAO.  It was there all along.  Just like the treasure beneath the tree in Spain that Santiago found, in my inner home, it was there all along.

“And just when the caterpillar thought it was dying, a butterfly emerged.”

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