Choose Your Vibration

It hit me in conversation with my friend Jay “Favorite” Adair: I can choose my vibration.

I awoke to some texts from the Soul Samurai to give him a call. I took the dog for a walk, returned home, the Flow told me to meditate, meditated, then called Mr. Samurai.

I could hear the energy in his voice and all of a sudden I started getting really excited. He was kind of out of the Flow and I felt like by elevating my vibration it might impact him.

I’d go through the day and get my 4th tattoo (from 202 in Hilo which adds to 4, some numerology for y’all) from a line in Isaiah. This line spoke to me because it had to do with Light and experiencing peace.

I’d once given up on peace but a convo about Star Trek with an Inspiration in my life rekindled that. In the last few months, I’ve been on my journey to “God’s Mountain” by trusting the Flow and in the process have experienced a growing sense of peace throughout my days.

My energy was pretty high for the day and anyway, at the end of the night, it hit me. I can choose my vibration. For so long, I played songs with lines like “I’m not good enough.” or “I don’t deserve her.” or “I am not love.” and I’ve chosen to eject those tapes and pay attention to a new soundtrack.

In the process, it’s brought me quite far and to the first realization of a very important Creator-type thought I long ago had: I can choose my vibration, my feeling, my energy.

Thank you to the Light for this new illumination.

Peace within Romies!

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