My Best Attempt at Hendrix

This is the rawest poem I ever wrote. As I read it, I hear it like a melody.

I was staying at the India House Hostel in New Orleans and this flowed the day before my powerful experience of connecting with the Christ/Buddha Consciousness, which has since altered my trip just a bit ; )

Alot of energy and feelings came out with this which is why I share it months removed.

This was born as a live band was playing and I was feeling the music and this dude who was painting a mural said to me: “If you are good at expression, just put your mind to it and it will come out.”

So I did:

The tears
I fight them
Can’t let it
Get to me

But this time
It’s not even
My mind

No, not this time do the
Broken fragments of my psyche
Let me Crack
Not this time

Oh no, this time
It’s the tears of the heart
A feeling so deep, so
Something I never put into words.

No this is that pain
That deep pain of years of hurt
Built up, welling up, it’s fed up.
My heart is dying, not dying it’s death
But Dying to Say: WAKE UP!!!

If I can wake from this recurring nightmare then
Maybe I can kiss you
My Sleeping Beauty
And slay that dragon that haunts you too

I know your pain
Though you never put it into words
I know your pain
Though you’ve tried to hide

I know your pain because I understand
That which plagues us all
I know your pain, it’s my pain too

Though you’re long gone and I’ve not heard a thing
I know your pain because

I want to share all things with you
The good, the bad
The happy, the sad
All the seasons and their families

I’ll share it all
With You,
With You.

Not only share, heal, and care
Allow us to grow
Baby, that’s how much
I love You

That’s how much…
I love You so much
I want to know all
There is
To You

Note: Wow, as I read it, I hear the melody so it makes sense but this will probably make sense to no one else. Oh well. Tee hee! Stay tuned for the Dark Bootleg Cut to this track.

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