third eye’s a buzzing

So I thought I’d write a blog.

Enlightenment is attainable.  If all it is recognition of a single moment of clarity then it is something each person has experienced at some point.  It’s that time when you’re watching a sunset and the mind is blank for a moment.  It’s that satisfaction of going deeper in a yoga pose.  It’s simply presence.

As for the other stuff, well I can only speak on my experience.  I don’t know if all people have visions and I realize the insanity of following and honoring dreams and see how that might not work for all people.  Whatever comes along in our paths that allow us to be in the Here and Now, to know Presence, then that’s all that matters I suppose.

There are many sacred paths to that place.  Sri Ramakrishna was an Indian mystic who tried Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.  He found that they all led to God.  In my experience of Buddhist meditation groups and prayer in a Catholic church, as well as alone in my travels across the country and back home, I experienced my own version of that.

I believe the Christ and Buddha Consciousness are one in the same and both are viable ways to connect with God.  If we were to look at it as energy, then when each historical figure hit that place, that energy is still available for anyone who wishes to connect in such a way.

The reason my third eye is buzzing though is this: nothing matters because separation is but a veil and all of that is already there, God Consciousness, the Here and Now, Presence, etc.  Everything is inside and what is outside is merely just more of what’s inside. That thing that pisses me off in the dude in line in front of me is my own shadow.  That thing about that cute kid that is so energetic is the same thing inside of me.

It’s a simple concept yet the ego is the veil, perhaps afraid of losing it’s sense of individuality.  I don’t know because I haven’t lost mine nor do I know if I ever will.

I’m pretty stoked on the experiences of Presence that I do have and finding a way to interact spiritually with life that fills me and works for me.  I guess that’s all that matters and if I ever attain permanent enlightening in this life or a million more to come oh well, I’ll deal with that when I am aware fully of living in the Here and Now.

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