“High above the mucky muck, castle in the clouds, there sits Wonder Boy something something something… Nothing left to say when you’re high above the mucky mucky.” Tenacious D There is a mountain, some call it the mountain of God. Others call it other things like enlightenment or awakening to our true beauty. I was […]

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The Shield

hmmm, what’s this, it’s anger I see, I thought we tabled this feeling completely. no, no, the Heart says, it’s help we will need, for long has everyone slept, the Dark, far extends does its reach. you there, yes you, Lion, Love is your strength, Light is your fire, and in Anger, a Righteous Shield […]

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Atop the Mountain

organically unfolding like a blossom in the mist just above the moonlight candle lit reflection of the gently moving water, ever so slight the movement is… only if you shine light can you see its light, Light, LIGHT! you shine your Light, the student says to me, and I feel that it helps to awaken […]

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Love, Sweet Love, Yet Again

As I heard the Hello Dear of my Teacher to you, I paused for a moment because all life drifted through and we, yes, You and I, were just stardust again. Back to this physical illusion, for the time for just Spirit and no flesh has passed, I now see a beauty like thee, sitting […]

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The frequency of love and gratitude, what I broadcast at when I want how I want in increasing regularity so much so that I confess that I cannot forget how far I’ve come from, at times I felt done, and here still I stand my beat beat now and always was in my own hand […]

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Free Flow

NOTE: I cringe at this.  I have changed so much since I originally wrote this, just a testament to changing and growing and that we can keep going and flowing further into Spirit.  I leave this up as I  know someone out there can relate to it and it’s good for a laugh for me, […]

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Bunches of Grapes

I used to believe that there was one soulmate.  I no longer feel that way.  As I sit outside of my attachment to the love from someone else, I can see that I have had many soulmates in my life, both men and women.  My teacher told me souls are born like bunches of grapes […]

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