As we bid farewell to 2010, I also bid farewell to the home that I grew up. In a little over a month, my parents will be leaving this house, the place I lived the longest in my life, for Oak Harbor, Washington.

I honored a dream and came here to spend some time at home while they went up there to take care of some things, to spend time with my Grandma, her first holiday without my Grandfather, and to reflect.

2010 was frakking crazy. It was truly a roller coaster but I conceded, as I have at the conclusion of each year and with each birthday, that this was the greatest year of my life.

Gratia to you 766 Hoolaulea St. I’ll see you again to help move out but I would like to thank all that you gave my family over the last 20 years. You were a great place to grow up!

And gratitude to you 2010. Wow can only scratch the surface at you.

My prayer for this death and birth that is upon is as follows:

I pray that You are safe always and that peace and Light fill you deeply for eternity.
I release any hurt, any emotion that does not serve
the highest good.
I forgive myself for the mistakes, the missteps that I have made.
And I thank whatever destiny has in store for me each moment as it unfolds.

Aloha ke Akua.

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