The Longest 4 Days

My experience of time has expanded. My teacher, Adya, tells me that I can speed up time, slow it down. I feel like this year has been a month long already. And it’s only been 4 days!

It’s a nice feeling though I will admit. I shared this experience with a woman at Thinker Toys while I looked for rocks and another Little Buddha. I pondered if it was because the year had just begun and the sense of it ending it soon was now past so it felt long again. We both laughed and I told her she had nice hair.

I’ve been on a hair trip recently. Adya foresaw me with long flowing hair and grey running down the sides in the future. I don’t want to rush that, that can take it’s time but I am enjoying the mane-like quality of my hair. Maybe it’s the lion on my ribcage next to my verse on life. Maybe it’s the fleur on my shoulder or the quote on my collar bone.

I don’t know but damn, what ever it is, amazing.

And in a week, I will be off to the Land of Enchantment for another adventure. I’ve fallen in love with being a writer. This is quite grand!


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