We are all connected, so what then?

Today I saw a beautiful woman at the beach and felt compelled to go and talk to her. The wind even seemed to knock me in her direction when I went the other way. I sat in my ego and did not do so.

In the last few months, I have been guided to different places and to talk to different people. I’ve dropped most of my concern over what they might think because I can usually speak from the heart. It’s funny though because I get guided to speak to all kines of people.

On one such occasion I approached a man and said: excuse me sir, I am spiritual and feel like I am supposed to talk to you.

He obliged and would tell me about his experience of connecting with God Consciousness through the reincarnation or Sri Ramakrishna. Coincidentally, I had been reading about him the night before because I wanted some understanding on a vision I had long ago and his name popped up after vision on Wikipedia.

This kind of tripped my balls way out because of some other elements but I share all of this because we are all connected. Since we are all connected, there is no point to fear speaking to anyone about anything. It totally hit me after not talking to the woman at the beach.

And where in the past I would have beat myself up over not doing something, I just left it there. It was just another experience to interact with and learn from. Like the monk who scolded the monk who was not supposed to carry the woman across the river, “I left her back there” and my mind stayed with me in the present.

It’s so random and magical and crazy all rolled into one! I love it!

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