“Dude, you’re glowing!  Look at your hair!” ~ Henry

Tonight was fucking magic. So magic it gets the f-bombing in front of it.

I spent my evening in my new casa with a Teacher/Comedienne/Actress, a self dubbed World Traveling Schemer, an Angel, a Singer, a Writer, two Art Therapists, an MMA Champion, foodie world famous Henry Adaniya, and a dog named Ansel.

My life is literally like an adventure filled with new characters daily and side missions like Grand Theft Auto minus the violence.

And all because I believe in Love.

I guess I’ll quote the Game:

‘Hate it or Love it
The Underdog is on Top’

Seriously though, there is no room to live from fear or worry and forget planning, took me over 30 years to get that.  Presence has been the greatest gift I can give myself and others and it took my world being turned upside down, shaken up, and such for me to decide to choose love over fear.  My ego visits on the regular but I check the thoughts before they get out of control, and that is how magic unfolds.

I feel like that guy outside Plato’s cave.  Ha!  Guess the book(s) will say it all.  And if not, oh well, we all die anyway, so enjoy whatever is as it is when it is.

Big thanks to God, The Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Ganesha, Kali, and all the angels. I am addicted to living!

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