Bunches of Grapes

I used to believe that there was one soulmate.  I no longer feel that way.  As I sit outside of my attachment to the love from someone else, I can see that I have had many soulmates in my life, both men and women.  My teacher told me souls are born like bunches of grapes and the ones closer in the bunch we tend to connect with more deeply.

When I was in Seattle last year, I met a psychic woman who had a vision and gave up her job to follow what she saw in it.  We still keep in touch and she really is a magical woman, Suzanne.  Suzanne told me that sometimes souls have so much they want to learn, do in a lifetime, that they split themselves up and live in many bodies.

In New Age, spiritual literature, whatever you want to call it, there is a concept called twin souls, or twin flames.  Supposedly each of us has a twin flame out there and if connected, it’s literally like finding your other half, the being that balances you completely.  I have met a few people who have had this experience and I believe it because there is a certain magnetism between them and they describe the same thing in the first experience of touching, handshake, hug, whatever.  There’s a feeling that coursed through them.

It’s all a fascinating process.  I thought for so long I wanted someone to share in my life and its experiences when in reality I wanted to experience and grow.  I believed that the only person I could understand fully was myself and I tried in a recent experience to understand the other.  While I will strive because of that experience to do what I can to understand others and be compassionate and kind, I will never forget that I can only understand fully my existence because of what lies in my own heart.

I used to base my decisions on the guidance of others, whether it resonated with me or not because of their accomplishments or they were psychic or whatever.  Well, that never worked but listening to what’s inside and going with what feels right each time, no matter the outcome of the experience, is taking me through more and more illumination in my life.

Thank you!

“When you get back from the land of enchantment, you will radiate, Brother!”  Kawiks

One thought on “Bunches of Grapes

  1. Wow! I have never thought of the connection in that way… I’m so in awe of my magnetic relationships. Thank you for sharing Jason.


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