Free Flow

NOTE: I cringe at this.  I have changed so much since I originally wrote this, just a testament to changing and growing and that we can keep going and flowing further into Spirit.  I leave this up as I  know someone out there can relate to it and it’s good for a laugh for me, a good reminder of where I came from. 3/23/11

Long ago, when I first delved in mindfulness, I wrote a poem that when something like: free flow fluidity, fluid flowing freely.  It reminded me of what I felt as I created wind around me when bombing hills on a skateboard.  It made me feel in a sense how I created my life.

As I now have over 30 years of experience to draw from, I have, through the grace of Divine help, solved the riddle to manifestation in my life.  I have recently experienced instant manifestation in the forms of people, money, answers to questions, etc.  I was trying to find how it fit though, like why was it that it happened for things I really wanted and things I had no attachment to.

In looking at the patterns from my life, everything that was in line with my highest good, for the energy wave that I was resonating at, happened.  Most recently, I didn’t manifest a job in politics because I moved into a different place.  The best example of this is I repelled a politician when I was myself talking about spiritual type things, he pulled out his phone and faked a call.  Ha ha!

Before the events of the last year where the loss accumulated, I met a spiritual warrior, the Soul Samurai.  He reminded me the importance of following what was in your heart.

Each of us has a path that vibes so much and makes the heart sing.  Mine has to do with writing and sharing these spiritual experiences because of how I see things and make connections.  I tabled this because also somewhere later is family, that is very close to my heart.  I was only using what I could from my socialization to create abundance in my life and that was far from my heart so I was miserable. As a result, when I threw it out to the Universe that I would give up the love of my life to live what was i my heart and share that, the Universe answered because that was what was in the highest good for me at that time.

I share all this because the Universe does work based on the Law of Attraction.  Our thoughts that we focus on can happen, both good and bad.  Look at when we notice things that irritate us, seems like they keep popping up.  Same thing can happen if we focus on things we like, more experiences will come along of that nature.

The non-attachment thing is funny in a sense too.  I do feel it is important but we are entering an age of energetic creation that things happen very, very fast, so tapping that with focus can lead to magical creation at a rapid rate.

With that, I lay out what I intend.

Without a doubt, I intend to make a living on from a book deal that leads to a bestseller and a place on Oprah’s book club.  And if I don’t, well, I’ll die anyway someday and life is great regardless. Much gratitude!

That’s combining both the focused and the non-attachment because I totally want to do that, have created every other career endeavor in line with the highest good I was at each time, and yeah, not attached to it because I create my own happiness everywhere.

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