Unrequited Love

I realized tonight how beautiful it is just give love freely without any expectation.

I was moved to tell a woman she was beautiful because there was just an energy about her. This is so far outside of who I used to be. She told me it made her night and as I looked in her eyes I saw them sparkle, like maybe it’s always like that and it took me this long to resonate at this vibe consistently, but seriously, sparkle.

I was amazed!

So I wrote her a poem and gave it to her friend to give to her like it was small kid time or something. As I walked away, some dude told me I was courageous, I laughed because I just wanted to share a poem, a simple gesture. Like it felt so good to just let it flow and not worry about what I got in return.

Because I now know, trust, FEEL, and Believe! I am Love no matter what happens to me. I made it through so much shit in my 20s and saw my life explode in 2010 that I know without a doubt I am powerful and can go through anything because of the foundation in faith that I have from walking with that simple voice in my heart as my guide.

It’s funny, fun, and fu..ing beautiful to be alive! That is all.

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