Love, Sweet Love, Yet Again

As I heard the Hello Dear of my Teacher to you, I paused for a moment because all life drifted through and we, yes, You and I, were just stardust again.

Back to this physical illusion, for the time for just Spirit and no flesh has passed, I now see a beauty like thee, sitting in the grass, just before me, all time seemed to cease, all the energy existed and that’s how amazing it was for me.

Was it real or just another creation from a dream dreamed for so long now apart from the source for I looked everywhere but here in my heart don’t you see?

Madness, madness, madness, I embrace you like a long lost brother, sister, father, mother, lover, for in releasing the sanity of society you have helped to set me free, from my myself, from others, from the things I attached to, yet here again, though my self-love is immense, I find another reason to yearn for a deeper connection.

Damn… oh well, I will take a leap into the unknown any day, whether it be a moment, an experience, or a lifetime. That’s just who I am, the only one I was ever afraid to love fully was me, and well, I figured that one out: Ha ha

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