Atop the Mountain

organically unfolding like a blossom in the mist just above the moonlight candle lit reflection of the gently moving water, ever so slight the movement is… only if you shine light can you see its light, Light, LIGHT!

you shine your Light, the student says to me, and I feel that it helps to awaken me from a sleep, a slumber, I finally feel happy to be alive, I never liked being human, until today I realized, he laughed then he smiled and I felt my work had finally come, full circle it had for what was once my own bad feeling to life now so dissolved only Love Light’s dis-spelled the cursed enchantment

if you can heal another, the same wound that you suffered, then your healing is complete, a former
teacher once said. I found healing in myself and that had led me to this place, atop the mountain,

A mountain, he’s being called to a mountain, the psychic told me, I laughed and was in awe and thought logically that I could figure out what she meant, but the mountain is within and that mountain is…

His, Hers, Yours, and Mine. It is the Mountain of Love, of God, of Light, whatever you want to call it, it’s the Mountain within and allows for True Life, Self-Love, and the Light to always shine.

‘this little light of mine, i’m going to let it shine!’

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