On Love and “Miracles”

Every possibility exists. That is why when we consciously choose something, it is beautiful because we can choose to do anything. Beauty, true Love lies in the choice. It is choosing Love, to keep Loving, that allows us to transcend a solely human condition and to merge in the balance with the numinous. It is […]

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Teachers, Mirrors, Energy

Each day, I look at the world around me and see teachers everywhere, mirrors in people, speaking to me on a conscious and unconscious energetic level. My teacher, who calls me her teacher, Adya, told me recently that I had eight energies, eight personalities, which spawned the eight limbs poem. It’s interesting for me to […]

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Disrupted Flow

Peace, peace, Peace is a place, a very real place within, in that same place as that Kingdom with Sacred homies and Lords of Avatar like status. And (waves hands) “It” exists outside and the only reason I can hear that is because of a Voice that spoke the same language as the energy of […]

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Free Flow

“Imagine if the world was filled with people doing what they loved…” Free Flow is a movement. Go with the Flow. Flow with the Go. We are moving from one moment to the next. The greatest beauty, the most lasting peace arises from Freeing ourselves from outdated societal limitations and realizing what we have within: […]

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Your Voice, I heard, the only thing I could hear that night, above the feet, hundreds of thousands of feet, pounding along the pavement, but there was only your Voice. The strum, your fingers strolling with intimate familiarity over the strings, I heard your music, quite lovely I will say, but no, it was your […]

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Hope for a Brighter Day

I firmly believe and strive to walk in the middle but I do think it’s important to put out an energy/vibe that is more positive/Light, not extremely but a little bit here and there because it can be very impacting to another person… Back in the day, I studied the Theravada Buddhist tradition that my […]

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