A few thoughts here about a laugh there.

Life used to be such a tragedy to me, an extensively dramatic one at that. I believe it always has the potential for adventure because just living is pretty amazing. BUT, I do realize and really felt this all along: life is a comedy.

Something happened last night that I could not stop laughing about. I almost wanted to feel bad for laughing but nothing about me felt bad because it was so far off base.

People mistake sincerity and acting from the heart for many things and I can see why that is. We live in a world where gestures are motivated by expectation and something simple can be easily interpreted as such.

I am still at a loss for some things though. The last nine months have been immense for me, quite a birthing process in a sense. Though I wouldn’t change it, what I found each step, through each gateway, if you will, was something my heart already knew, and the woman who cold read me the other day said: my mind may have made sense of my life but my heart cannot lie.

Which is why I had to laugh last night. The pure comedy my life has become is priceless. No one knows me but I know who I am and that’s all that really matters. I know what’s in my heart. There’s a difference between that and knowing what is going to happen. We never know which makes the time we have each moment of Here and Now so valuable.

I send love, light to all the characters I experienced for you show me more of where I have been in life and teach me in so many ways. Like I tell all who come my way for a reading, trust your heart. It is the mind that creates suffering, that paints illusions, be where you are and live from that love within, shine that light, for with it you shall see through the illusions and see the soul lessons for what they are.

Aloha nui.

On Love and “Miracles”

Every possibility exists.

That is why when we consciously choose something, it is beautiful because we can choose to do anything.

Beauty, true Love lies in the choice.

It is choosing Love, to keep Loving, that allows us to transcend a solely human condition and to merge in the balance with the numinous.

It is Love that gave us the choice in the first place to merge with energy, to sacrifice, release, let go to that level of energy, that is what allows for “miracles” to occur.

Love can still allow for “miracles” and Love can still heal all things.

Love can still heal all things because all there really is, is Love.  For Love is an energy.

Teachers, Mirrors, Energy

Each day, I look at the world around me and see teachers everywhere, mirrors in people, speaking to me on a conscious and unconscious energetic level.

My teacher, who calls me her teacher, Adya, told me recently that I had eight energies, eight personalities, which spawned the eight limbs poem. It’s interesting for me to study energy and how it unfolds in people. I used to psycho-analyze people with my best friend and was always able to come up with answers. I didn’t know why but it flowed.

I realize now that I was an open channel without direction, which in a twist of fate is a direction in and of itself.  In Latin, the term gratia means many a thing.  Of note, I enjoy “gratitude, service, and in the grace of” for I have a whole lot of that in feeling towards the world around me.  As challenging as life can be, as much as something may not make sense, I am being forged by the Divine Light into the being my Soul planned long ago, and I feel my purpose, flowing through my veins.

So today, I thank the world for the daily lessons, the reminders in the forms of hugs, nudges, and slaps to the head when they come.  Because the energy is Flowing, it’s flowing to mass awakening and I am so humbled to be witness to this, in this body, at this edition of the Now.  I am humbled to share this with each and every mirror.

Disrupted Flow

Peace, peace,

Peace is a place, a very real place within, in that same place as that Kingdom with Sacred homies and Lords of Avatar like status.

And (waves hands) “It” exists outside and the only reason I can hear that is because of a Voice that spoke the same language as the energy of my Heart.

My poetry is beautiful whilst the same time flawed as experimentally I’ve worn many hats to expand to this point in time, at a place to share what it is that cannot be put into words, just felt, AND that is the best thing about the Light, about Love, about Peace, words fall short in doing it justice, but the feeling, like a beautiful Voice, vibrates throughout the ethereal being.

Beautiful mirrors, infinite reflections, what is it that I see in the world around me? Why do I keep going back to brutal honesty, flowing compassion, despite mental dissatisfaction?

Because. BECAUSE, the road, the journey leads. The journey has led me to perfect frequency, to a place to clearly know the simple voice of my heart when I hear it. It is beautiful to hear such a wonderful message, it makes the battles with illusion all the more worth it.

And yeah, Bonus! I feel more peace.

Free Flow

“Imagine if the world was filled with people doing what they loved…”

Free Flow is a movement. Go with the Flow. Flow with the Go. We are moving from one moment to the next. The greatest beauty, the most lasting peace arises from Freeing ourselves from outdated societal limitations and realizing what we have within: our Hearts.

They say that the Kingdom of Heaven is within or peace is within or the Sacred is within.  Lots of different sayings that say well, they say pretty much the same thing…

Our hearts can be our greatest guides.  Our minds are exquisite in their own right, but really the genius of the human lies in the heart for the heart is the gateway to the most powerful energy out there:  LOVE.

Live fully.  Live from Love.  For far too long have we let fear stand in our way.  But ask yourself: why?  What’s the point?  As much as we are spirits having a human experience, we are humans having a spiritual experience.  And it’s all subjective for each of us.  Therefore, the only place we can relate is through feeling.  It is through feeling that we can begin to understand others and see how as subjective as life can be, we are all connected, we are all in this together.

Listen to the Heart for each one of us has a unique path and the opportunity to live an exciting and fulfilling life.  The energy is upon us…

The world is expanding! Breakthroughs are happening every single moment of every single day because of the creativity, the love and dedication of people listening to the simple voice within. This is your time, the time is always Now ’cause when it’s done, it’s done, and you best believe the surest thing in life is that it will one day be done.

So Free yourself to Flow and vibe with what is in your heart, because we are meant to live from a place of Love, not fear.  If anything, give it a try.  I promise that it will transform life…

Go with the Flow. Flow with the Go. BE THE FLOW. I say, be the Flow.

Shine yo’ Light!



Your Voice, I heard, the only thing I could hear that night, above the feet, hundreds of thousands of feet, pounding along the pavement, but there was only your Voice.

The strum, your fingers strolling with intimate familiarity over the strings, I heard your music, quite lovely I will say, but no, it was your Voice.

If Love is a word that can be said and life in its simplest form is energy then energy can be heard, it is in your Voice that I heard Love, a Voice that pierces my heart in a way I’ve known quite rarely, and I thought my heart was wide open, but your Voice, above the melody, above the thunderous walking, your Voice, I heard it, I heard your Voice calling out to me.

Hope for a Brighter Day

I firmly believe and strive to walk in the middle but I do think it’s important to put out an energy/vibe that is more positive/Light, not extremely but a little bit here and there because it can be very impacting to another person…

Back in the day, I studied the Theravada Buddhist tradition that my Muay Thai training was based on, which stressed the Middle Path. As a Religion major and spiritual person, that philosophy spoke to me in ways that went far beyond the Catholic upbringing that I had. At the time, with my get there quick attitude, I felt it was like the missing piece to the spiritual puzzle.

The concepts are practiced and discussed as one but I would like to share one of the states of high mindfulness in particular: Uppekha.

I loved talking about Uppekha because it was the concept that came in many “different flavors” and for whatever reason really hammered home the importance of balance, to be in the middle.

The flavor I carry with me was explained as “not too happy, not too sad.” In life, we often go from one extreme to the next and if we were to practice just being a little bit happy all of the time, then no matter what, we would give the world a peaceful presence.

My most recent teacher, Adya, often tells me to just walk through the experience, feel whatever you feel but walk through, turn the page, and keep being in the moment. I’m the kind of person to look at the pictures, captions, and read every word of every page, then re-read. But I found in so doing, I tended to dwell and it enhanced the extremes I experienced.

As a result, daily, I remind myself to be just a little bit happy, always get back to that place. So I “throw” Light or Love, keep hope, because I believe that maybe it will touch one other life when chaos is going on.

I certainly know how chaotic life can be at times so if I can be a source of peace or hope for someone, just one person in life, then I made a difference. And I thank life for all the great inspirations of peace that I have had in my life.  So many people have filled my life in ways and left reminders from just one simple moment.  It’s really a blessed and beautiful life when I think about it.

Be the Flow.