Along Came a Spider

In the Great Hall of the Records is where I would wander that day and much to my surprise, not dismay mind you, but surprise, did I find the Keeper. And the Keeper you may say was, well, umm, the Keeper was a Spider.

I asked to read the book you see, the book that contained what the events of each life of this soul were, are, and would be and without question the Keeper presented me with my very own record.

The waspy voice of the Keeper was hypnotic as could be and sucked me in so much so that I could not see what lay there before me in the book so clear.  “What good is it for you to have a look within the book?  for you will not remember as soon as this reverie passes…

Taken away was I by a great White Light of Consciousness to a valley that contained the Tapestry of Time.  White Light would point with a wavy hand and show how the Done, Now, and Next were all One and inter weaved. The tapestry caught on fire, a great fire. “This fire, you there, yes you my Lion, are the spark.”

As much as I was a Lion, I then became a cub, whispering in the back I heard the Spider behind me and like that, the meditative trance that was so real went: POOF!  And it was all but a dream…

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