The Eight Limbs

As the eight energetic limbs were connected to the Spirit, there names flowed freely to me: Coyote the Adventurer, The Cynical Chaldean, The One Who Can’t Be Named, The Unseen, The Mystic Rebel, Six, The Wild One, and The Master…

As the limbs met their Body, not for the first time mind you, but consciously acknowledged finally, a wave washed over as the Keeper suspended an Eight limbed body from a sparkling strand of web.

The Voice cried out: Behold, Nature shapes Diamonds… You are but a Diamond and have always been but You have ignored this Truth for far too long.

Slip into life, shine your Light for all to see, for the greatest gift of man is to just to Be wherever, whenever in time you see.

And then just then, as the reverie broke, seven yellow and one white butterflies fluttered on by.

Smiles. All smiles.


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