Awake did I to a most unexpected surprise, a letter, a simple letter from a Voice that has been long silent not to my Heart but to my Mind.

Weaved in was the Voice from its 3rd Dimensional Writer, strike deep did the words, deep within me. I had to Flow with the day and could only meet with the Keeper in passing.

“Keeper, oh Keeper, tell me what does this mean?” I said rhythmically.

“Seeker, oh Seeker, You are Now non-attached to any outcome, can’t you see? It’s written right there and look here, you can even see what’s next.”  His spidery limb flipped the pages quite fast.

“Erase, will I, from the recesses of your Conscious mind, more choices you are to make, but the World is there for you to find.”

“It is but a pattern my Dear-uh,” The Listener said to me. “Recognize the pattern and the all the secrets you will see.”

Energy, it’s all energy, Words, as lovely and as great as can be still fall short.

So Gratitude my own Voice of my Heart I do say.  Much Gratitude for today and each day.

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