The Wild One Meets The Master

Roar!!! Did the Lion as he flowed Within. Rawr. Much softer this time, his gentle Heart wide open. A lick of the lips and a stretch that only a great cat could do.

As the clouds above in the Inner Abyss parted, the Great Flow shined its Light bright and lit up the shadows, darker than night.

Patience. Patience. Patience.

ROAR!!! The Wild One flows through the Lion.

Patience will be what it is but the energy of the Wild One cannot be tamed… for that the Lion shall roar for the Light until he can finally rest.

Rawr. The Master, the energy of the eighth and final limb, steps just past the Wild One, and lets out the true wild grin.

What will be, will be regardless of the fight.  Remember this always for we are Diamonds, precious beings shaped by Nature’s true Light.

For now find rest, keep resonating that peace from within, one day you shall find all that it is that you seek. But today is not that day so enjoy it just the same because Death sits just over there, at port, at bay.

Death, Sweet Death, my great reminder and Guide.  One day we will shall marry and our world’s will collide.

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