Further Conversations With The Spider

Keeper, oh Keeper, what will you show me?
Seeker, oh Seeker, can’t you let me be?
Keeper, oh Keeper, I seek in order to be…
Then off to dancing Shiva, away do I send thee!

His cosmic dance unfurled,
Right there before my eyes
With delight and dread I watched,
As all life’s sides materialized.

Keeper, oh Keeper, what do you suggest?
Seeker, oh Seeker, please give it a rest.
Keeper, oh Keeper, I just want to be my best…
Then I give you one final test!

Sent before the herd of Ganesha’s obstacle removers
I watched as they dissolved illusions
As easy as opening louvers
Conscious elevation, bright like seven suns!

No more questions, no more questions.

FIN, I’m done, I’m done!

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