Hope for a Brighter Day

I firmly believe and strive to walk in the middle but I do think it’s important to put out an energy/vibe that is more positive/Light, not extremely but a little bit here and there because it can be very impacting to another person…

Back in the day, I studied the Theravada Buddhist tradition that my Muay Thai training was based on, which stressed the Middle Path. As a Religion major and spiritual person, that philosophy spoke to me in ways that went far beyond the Catholic upbringing that I had. At the time, with my get there quick attitude, I felt it was like the missing piece to the spiritual puzzle.

The concepts are practiced and discussed as one but I would like to share one of the states of high mindfulness in particular: Uppekha.

I loved talking about Uppekha because it was the concept that came in many “different flavors” and for whatever reason really hammered home the importance of balance, to be in the middle.

The flavor I carry with me was explained as “not too happy, not too sad.” In life, we often go from one extreme to the next and if we were to practice just being a little bit happy all of the time, then no matter what, we would give the world a peaceful presence.

My most recent teacher, Adya, often tells me to just walk through the experience, feel whatever you feel but walk through, turn the page, and keep being in the moment. I’m the kind of person to look at the pictures, captions, and read every word of every page, then re-read. But I found in so doing, I tended to dwell and it enhanced the extremes I experienced.

As a result, daily, I remind myself to be just a little bit happy, always get back to that place. So I “throw” Light or Love, keep hope, because I believe that maybe it will touch one other life when chaos is going on.

I certainly know how chaotic life can be at times so if I can be a source of peace or hope for someone, just one person in life, then I made a difference. And I thank life for all the great inspirations of peace that I have had in my life.  So many people have filled my life in ways and left reminders from just one simple moment.  It’s really a blessed and beautiful life when I think about it.

Be the Flow.

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