Disrupted Flow

Peace, peace,

Peace is a place, a very real place within, in that same place as that Kingdom with Sacred homies and Lords of Avatar like status.

And (waves hands) “It” exists outside and the only reason I can hear that is because of a Voice that spoke the same language as the energy of my Heart.

My poetry is beautiful whilst the same time flawed as experimentally I’ve worn many hats to expand to this point in time, at a place to share what it is that cannot be put into words, just felt, AND that is the best thing about the Light, about Love, about Peace, words fall short in doing it justice, but the feeling, like a beautiful Voice, vibrates throughout the ethereal being.

Beautiful mirrors, infinite reflections, what is it that I see in the world around me? Why do I keep going back to brutal honesty, flowing compassion, despite mental dissatisfaction?

Because. BECAUSE, the road, the journey leads. The journey has led me to perfect frequency, to a place to clearly know the simple voice of my heart when I hear it. It is beautiful to hear such a wonderful message, it makes the battles with illusion all the more worth it.

And yeah, Bonus! I feel more peace.

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