Teachers, Mirrors, Energy

Each day, I look at the world around me and see teachers everywhere, mirrors in people, speaking to me on a conscious and unconscious energetic level.

My teacher, who calls me her teacher, Adya, told me recently that I had eight energies, eight personalities, which spawned the eight limbs poem. It’s interesting for me to study energy and how it unfolds in people. I used to psycho-analyze people with my best friend and was always able to come up with answers. I didn’t know why but it flowed.

I realize now that I was an open channel without direction, which in a twist of fate is a direction in and of itself.  In Latin, the term gratia means many a thing.  Of note, I enjoy “gratitude, service, and in the grace of” for I have a whole lot of that in feeling towards the world around me.  As challenging as life can be, as much as something may not make sense, I am being forged by the Divine Light into the being my Soul planned long ago, and I feel my purpose, flowing through my veins.

So today, I thank the world for the daily lessons, the reminders in the forms of hugs, nudges, and slaps to the head when they come.  Because the energy is Flowing, it’s flowing to mass awakening and I am so humbled to be witness to this, in this body, at this edition of the Now.  I am humbled to share this with each and every mirror.

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