A few thoughts here about a laugh there.

Life used to be such a tragedy to me, an extensively dramatic one at that. I believe it always has the potential for adventure because just living is pretty amazing. BUT, I do realize and really felt this all along: life is a comedy.

Something happened last night that I could not stop laughing about. I almost wanted to feel bad for laughing but nothing about me felt bad because it was so far off base.

People mistake sincerity and acting from the heart for many things and I can see why that is. We live in a world where gestures are motivated by expectation and something simple can be easily interpreted as such.

I am still at a loss for some things though. The last nine months have been immense for me, quite a birthing process in a sense. Though I wouldn’t change it, what I found each step, through each gateway, if you will, was something my heart already knew, and the woman who cold read me the other day said: my mind may have made sense of my life but my heart cannot lie.

Which is why I had to laugh last night. The pure comedy my life has become is priceless. No one knows me but I know who I am and that’s all that really matters. I know what’s in my heart. There’s a difference between that and knowing what is going to happen. We never know which makes the time we have each moment of Here and Now so valuable.

I send love, light to all the characters I experienced for you show me more of where I have been in life and teach me in so many ways. Like I tell all who come my way for a reading, trust your heart. It is the mind that creates suffering, that paints illusions, be where you are and live from that love within, shine that light, for with it you shall see through the illusions and see the soul lessons for what they are.

Aloha nui.

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