Now I Just Stunt on My Own

Everyday is a like a holiday so we celebrate. ~ Wiz Khalifa

The title and the quote are from rapper Wiz Khalifa. If you look at my tag cloud, I have Lil Wayne, Lil Tunechi (also Lil Wayne), and now Wiz. One of the most helpful books that I ever read was written by Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam.

In it, Simmons, outlines the 12 rules of Spiritual Success that he learned over the years. I will be honest and admit that I stopped reading after the 4th law…

The 4th Law, was simply explained as “Do You” and Simmons discusses how rappers spit about who they are, where they are from, with such pride and confidence. I like the analogy in that I write about the world from my own view, which is hugely impacted by my “hood” of Hawaii Nei.   I may be a Hawaii local but music is global and I like to look at it like I am a global local these days.  I got to give credit where credit is do and that goes to the beautiful music that is Hip-Hop.

Ever since adopting a “Do You” mentality, I have discovered how much I like elements of my personality, made peace with the less glamorous parts, and well, just feel pretty darn good.  Big thanks to Uncle RUSH and all the cats in the hip-hop scene whose music has inspired generations and the whole world.

I may be doing alot of stuntin’ on my own these, everyday feels like a holiday to me so I celebrate it!!!

Chee huu to all of You.


Plane of Creativity Flight 11 to Now

I am on a next level plane
riding off w/Flow towards creativity

you can still see me

I’m not a G lidat
But my Inner Saint will say ‘Who Dat’

When the Lion roars
You best heed the call

Pish posh
Osh kosh Oh my gosh


This plane of creativity
May never land

So let the time drip drop
Like the bits of sand

As the time passes
from one grain to next

Only one life to live,
I’ma give it my best!


Oranges are amazing
why can’t you see?
They are fun to open
and some are super juicy!
Filled with sweetness
and the healthy of Vitamin C.
Oh orange, orange, orange
Just you and me!

Oh Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda is so my jam! I have read parts of his acclaimed Autobiography of a Yogi but its other work from his canon that has jumped out at me.

The following is from his Laws of Success (which you can also catch a preview of on iTunes):

“Your power is God’s power. Behind your mind, His mind. Behind your will, His will. When God is working with you, you cannot fail. Every faculty you possess will increase in power. When you do your work with the thought of serving God, you receive his blessings.”

I feel that Yogananda has already summed it up so eloquently for seekers of all countries, races, and creeds. The yogis in general were/are filled with such wisdom and I can see now why they are viewed as treasures of India.

I also really value the oneness of this type of teaching. I have always believed that at the core, it was all the same. Some people get all butt hurt over the word God whereas others get the same ouch over The Universe. Man, I think most of us that are here all want to get to that place, whatever you want to call it run by whoever it is run.

And the thing that I love most about what Yoganandizzle is saying, is that it’s really who we are. If we totally focus on serving within (I’d say listen to the simple voice of the heart where he says the still Voice of the Divine) and reaching out to help our brothers and sisters, we cannot fall.

Mahalo ke Akua for all these great teachers and for the unfolding of life as it does.

All things are Brahman…

Cool Cool

Cool cool
Cool as a cucumber

Stretch stretch
Stretch from your slumber

Inhale inhale
Inhale the air like a muckerfother

Exhale exhale

Kick back relax
cause life is Cool Cool

Cool like a cucumber


I sat down because I wanted to write and just left it up to the channel what I should write about and the title came to me: Fusion. I have no idea why so I had to do some research.

Wikipedia the word “fusion” and there are choke (many) different examples and uses. As I perused the different meanings, ‘Image fusion’ caught my eye. Per Wikipedia, relating to computer vision, Image fusion “is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single image. The resulting image will be more informative than any of the input images.”

I am a huge advocate of systems theory and what works in one system can be applied to another system with the appropriate tweaks. So I’m going try a thought experiment here:

Image fusion in life co-creation/manifestation is the process of combining relevant information from two or more synchronicities into a single vision. The resulting vision of the whole, what we truly want out of life, will be more informative than any of the synchronicities.

So how does this relate to this site, what I talk about it in general? If I had to step back and just feel about it, it feels like tuning in and believe in what lies within the heart, listen to what that simple voice is saying in any given moment and one cannot go wrong. As much as I have valued my journeys, being able to share all of this, I’ve always had a feeling in my heart that when I fought, gave me great pain.  When I listened, great joy…

I’ve no regrets as it’s all just experiences but this realization is beneficial so that I can chart my way along this meandering river of the Flow as best as I can, have more with fun with it.  And why not.

“When it’s done, it’s done.” ~Lil Tunechi

Violet Consuming Flame

“Don’t just rely on imagination alone, make sure you have the tools to help you.” ~ Chris

The other day as I arrived for a change in shifts with my co-worker, Chris, I asked if he had a message for me. He is one of those intuitives who just knows, as though he has a looking glass into my life. I speculate his read on energy is very advanced which is why he can pick up whatever vibes I resonate. Anyhow, Broseph tells me the above line.

Yesterday, a woman came by and told me about the Violet Consuming Flame. The Violet Consuming Flame was a gift left by a man known as St. Germaine. There are all kinds of things out there about him on the old Google so you can spock that out when you feel like it.

St. Germaine has been popping up all over in my ethers lately. My teacher, now friend but still a teacher (I know it confused me too), Adya, said that his being ascended and looks over Earth. The key thing for me and old boy is that he teachings are about alchemy.

Alchemy is the practice of turning a base metal into gold. I believe it is meant to be metaphorical and is the practice of how we can turn all things in our life to “gold” or see the golden qualities in all of life.

As I went over the Violet Consuming Mantra in meditation last night, and subsequently this morning, I felt similar to Khirtan chanting, silent meditation of the OM, and in prayer.

I hypothesize that if life in its simplest form is energy, then recognizing the familiarity in the energy of behind the meaning of different words (i.e. peace v. love), places (Hawaii v. New York), people, etc. can only serve in experiencing oneness. It would be too vast a post to expand as to why there are similarities with more words when really, quite simple,  it is energy, experienced as a feeling.

I think one day, science, religion, philosophy will all be viewed as hand-in-hand vessels towards achieving a fullness of spiritual awakening for the individual if s/he chooses. I think in awakening to the interaction of energy, that we can through conscious effort impact it, therein lies the alchemy of the spirit.

And life becomes golden.

Thank you for the Violet Consuming Flame!