Black and Yellow

So Hello! This title is just that because I heard that song and Tune’s comeback of Green and Yellow.

The energy feels really good today. March has always been a beautiful month for me, as though my intuition kicks it up a notch, so I’m stoked that I made it to another March and I am enjoying 2011 fully!

On that note, I’d like to comment on Adiyashanti. The guy is brilliant! I love how he paints the simplicity of Oneness and how whatever is being manifested at any given moment is how the Divine wanted to be manifested in that expression. Pretty awesome stuff and quite liberating if allowed to sit.

As Wiz Khalifa puts it in Black and Yellow:

“You know what it is. Everything I do, I do it big.”

Apparently, so does the Universe.

Aloha nui.

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